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Sorry I’m not understanding all of your message. I am not going to argue over this and I’m sorry if I worded my reply incorrectly. I just wanted to give some advice and give some knowledge I’ve learned.. like (colleges in almost every state), what to look for in a college, or have him volunteer until a college is found that can teach him the skills he needs, plus the other options I mentioned that may work/help him.

We do not coddle our son nor do we enable him. Many times these kids need to fail to move forward. I am totally aware they do NOT get over or recover from their disabilities, but parents cannot give up on their kids, the young adult will end up on the street and parents do not live forever as we both know and that is why I continue to push/move forward to find another option if things are not working. I also found a knowledgeable person to help us get natural medications instead of pharmaceutical medications because our son was losing weight and not eating. Possibly the medications your son was taking were not correct yet, they may make him feel worse, and could be why he does not want to take them. He may be depressed and angry with everything like everyone else is and why he procrastinates and does not get going. Read some of the websites articles: [How to Motivate a Teenager with ADHD] [Free Download: Transform Your Teen’s Apathy Into Engagement] [Inside Your Teen’s ADHD Mind] I hope you can find some answers I wish I would have found this website sooner than today!