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We do limit the car to school and make him buy gas- but it is such as catch 22. We want him to have a college experience – making friends and being part of the campus, but he needs a car to get there. This summer we told him he had to have a full time job and schedule. As of now, he hasn’t been called for one interview. My husband wants him to work in our office, but I nixed that. I am not supervising him 24/7.

They can call it motivational disorder, but what is the solution? Seriously, I feel like the therapist prey on parents who are desperate for help. Lots of sessions but same ideas but the kids never change. They need to come up with a medication that is sustaining through the morning – maybe its like a injection so they have in their system all day.

Its a self defeating illness – one you where get no empathy and lots of advice, but no success.