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Thank you so much for the replies.

Coffee or energy drinks may keep you up all night, but almost certainly you will not have the same sense of focus and purpose. Yes I have noticed this.

I’ve been living with this brain my whole life (lol) so to me this was normal and is all I know so I believed that I was a slacker because that is what other people said about me. Even my wife would tell me I don’t work hard enough right up to the point where I got tested she told the psychologist that even though I may have ADHD, there are times when I’m genuinely just lazy and don’t try hard enough. I will admit that there are times when I refused to study or work, like 7am on a Sunday morning. I mean everyone gets a 2-day weekend so why should I work 7 days a week just because she is an overachiever with the drive of 100 horses. Anyway, I gave up so now I work or study most of the weekend as well.

Yesterday we had a massive fight about my studies because I’m in the last year of my law degree (which is the top priority for her) and I’m also doing an undergraduate level course for work (which is shiny and new so is the priority for me). She felt that I should be concentrating on my law degree as my exams are and of May and I felt that I should be concentrating on the other course as my exam is a week earlier.

The compromise? I’ll work on my law degree in the morning before work and on the other qualification in the evenings after work.

For two days in a row now everyone has been allowed to leave work early due to protest action (and possible violence) and I volunteered to stay and even work late, just to show I’m not frikkin lazy.

I wish I could have a neurotypical brain, just for one day, just to see what it feels like.

If I sound like I’m feeling sorry for myself, it’s because I am … just a little bit lol