Reply To: Evening Horrible ADHD problems


Hello! My 10 year old has severe ADHD. He takes 30 mlg of Adderall extended release. He takes this at 7 a.m. At 4 p.m. he takes a “booster” dose of 5mlg Focalin. Then at night to go to sleep he takes Clonidine. He is also on an iron supplement. I have noticed since being on the iron supplement it has made some of ADHD not so bad.Maybe It’s the type of medication you’re on we have tried SO many but by far this schedule of medication helps the most. Not sure if you have ever had the gene test done. But there is one that can pin point the best medications that”should” help you. My son’s came back a little inconclusive. We are looking into additional options such as counseling to help him figure out what works best for him and how he can manage is ADHD himself. I hope this helps.