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I was diagnosed two months ago so I’m still pretty lost and confused about all of this. I had my first session with an educational psychologist, who specializes in adults with ADHD, last month. Seeing her once a month.

No sorry, not liquid meds. I’m on 40mg Ritalin LA with 10mg methylphenidate as top ups when needed.

We are going on vacation next week and I considered not taking the meds but it’s sort of a working vacation as we both have to prepare for exams.

The one difference I’ve found with the meds is that I have much more drive. Where I usually either played games or surfed the net or just shuffled from one thing to another, I can now sit down and work on my work stuff or my studies. Unless the internet interrupts lol

Maybe I should take a week off after my exams and not take the meds.