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To Morgae (and whoever else of course):
People thought my problem was simply laziness too. Also careless, irresponsible, immature. Please don’t give up on treatment. I went through a lot…I went off meds while preggo, and the rebound was awful and never got better. Everyone (OB, psychiatrist, and pediatrician) all agree next pregnancy STAY ON MEDS. I could not do my job I loved, bc my hyperactivity was painful—I had to wait tables at a super busy place so I didn’t feel bugs, I couldn’t talk, I fell apart. Of course I got those names again from people…along with “failure”. My old family doc (who now is out of business) wrote me a nasty referral to a psych place..saying I was crazy and my only hope was to be permanent locked up. Went back on my meds after she was born, and pediatrician said the benefits of breastfeeding actually outweighed the risk of the med—-bc the med (ironically) slowed down my resting heart rate …bc I could finally REST and not fight and pace 16 hours a day lol. My kind slowed too. Anyway, I did stop breastfeeding when I went up to 60 mg (needed a second booster dose of Adderall). My daughter is thriving…and so am I!! Not only am I back at my job, I’m excelling. I was told I wasn’t capable of motherhood (she was unplanned baby, but also an unplanned joy)…yet by the grace of God and the right help here I am. There are, however, people that think I “just grew up”. It was though my adhd causing my actions to not meet my pure intentions no one used to see. Now they do. I feel free, and I embrace the upsides to my adhd since the yucky symptoms relieved. You are NOT lazy..heck your in law school…your brilliant!!!! And those people calling you lazy, who cares if they don’t understand. They don’t have to— just you, your doc, and God really. The fruit of your actions will say enough. Keep trudging along!! Hope is key