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I can very much relate!! As far as the guilty feelings, here’s kinda where they came from for me personally. My adhd my whole life as made me COME OFF very self-centered (sure every human being is a little). I really did NOT mean to be that way!! For instance, dominating a convo, and not being a good listener (bc my mind so at and with the talking part I literally didn’t even stop to think I wasn’t giving the other Etsy. A chance). Also being SO forgetful with shared items and appointments made it seem that I just “didn’t care” or value the time of others. Again, none of this was intentional, and even after my diagnosis quite awhile back now, a lot of people thought that was an “excuse”. Well, it wasn’t. It solely explained things to me that logic and my mind could not account, and that took the power away from it…like bc it has a “name” I can now work towards a solution. Because again it isn’t an excuse, it’s an explanation. Now that o know this about my self, it’s my responsibility to follow my treatment plan. And at first, I felt guilt too. Afraid I was being self centered by prioritizing my treatment. And afraid loved ones did too. BUT like you, the medication, along with some coping…really helped. Especially now at right dose, I feel “free” and WAY less starred! My relationships are SO much better…so basically actions spoke louder than words. My loved ones see the positive changes…so it must be working. I’m way more attentive to others needs now, when before I was oblivious. Stick with me it!!! It’ll get better 🙂