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The medication that I’ve found to be most useful for most of my ADD/ADHD symptoms (Focalin) doesn’t exactly reduce my rejection sensitivity, but I feel it helps me recognize that what I’m experiencing in a given moment is the product of rejection sensitivity, not actual rejection, and thus, dismiss that awful, sick suspicion that someone is rejecting me every time I turn around. In other words, I think that Focalin (and therapy, too, as you mentioned) helps me differentiate between the occasional genuine rejection that happens in life, from the frequent feelings of rejection that can accompany ADD/ADHD. As for Guanfacine, I did try it but could not stay on it long enough to render an opinion as I unfortunately experienced Restless Legs Syndrome (neurologic condition — “unpleasant sensations in the legs that give rise to a maddening urge to move that occurs or worsens at rest”) pretty immediately. (However, there is a history of Restless Legs Syndrome in my family, and Guanfacine may just be triggering a condition for which I am genetically predisposed.) Lastly, please don’t internalize the notion that rejection sensitivity is some sort of self-pity when, in fact, rejection sensitivity is a common, well-documented trait associated with ADD/ADHD and it is very unkind for anyone to suggest that it’s somehow YOUR fault. Hang in there, you’re not alone! All the very best to you.