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I came across this post while researching other things and felt I should sign up purely to respond to this.
When I was a similar age I was at a mainstream primary school (I’m in the UK and was diagnosed with high functioning Autism and ADHD at a young age) where as a result of me being disruptive in lessons (Largely because the school didn’t have the facilities or staff trained to deal with disabilities like mine) I was shut in a storage room all day for some time. As such I feel very strongly about this and would highly recommend you research schools with a special needs unit. From what you say it sounds like your son isn’t getting the help he needs in order to grow academically and emotionally. Neither was I, and within weeks of moving to a school with a special needs unit I was rapidly making large amounts of progress.
I feel very strongly that children (especially those like I was) shouldn’t be left alone in that environment and would suggest you take your grievances to a higher level. I’m not sure about elsewhere but in the UK I think there are laws against leaving children of this age unattended.
Just my two cents, and I am biased because of my experiences. Things might not be as severe for your son as they were for me, but something’s not right nonetheless.
I hope my ramblings are of some use to you!