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Honestly, the leaving the child alone bothers me less than the continued treatment of your son that you describe, and the leaving him alone is completely unacceptable. Why not at least put him in another room with adulte.. the office, the nurses room, another classroom?? If I were you, I would pull him out immediately, but I have the ability to be home during the day. I would homeschool the rest of the year or find another school. The effect a teacher can have on a child is significant. His self esteem is in the balance here. If you are a tuition paying family, I’d tell the headmaster (or whatever your administrater is called) in CLEAR, STRONG statements, exactly what is going on (write it all down first), and I would tell them you intend to leave the school if the teacher does not change her approach. I also think it would be good if the school would let you share some of the articles available to TEACH the teachers about ADHD and how it manifests, and how to work with kids who have it. Tell the administrator that your son has a disibility recognized under the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act). This may ‘legitimize’ his situation, if the teacher and administration don’t think it’s valid.

Sadly, I believe that private RELIGIOUS schools do not need to comply with ADA regulations. You may want to consider a public school or a private, non-religious one that you screen first to see if they will work with your child and accommodate him.

My son is in a public school, and an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) is available to the kids. Is this even available in your school? I suspect not or they’d have instituted one by now to help your son, but If it is, request one immediately. You need only an official diagnosis. They MUST accommodate your child’s needs… everything from extra help, to special parameters for taking tests and homework, the ability to be in a quiet space if they need it, etc.

I encourage you to look for another school, honestly. It sounds to me like this one is not interested in working with your child, and this will have an impact on his belief that he can be successful, that he is smart, that he is capable. He is being humiliated and abandoned. No action on your part is too strong at this point, IMO, since you have already appealed to the school.

I hope this helps. Stay strong, fight for your child’s rights!