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It’s never acceptable to leave a student that age alone for an hour. Neurotypical or otherwise. If it were me, I’d probably do what you can to get thru the rest of this year, assuming there’s just a few weeks left. Be firm in expressing your concerns and needs, but play it cool and just try and keep things easy on your son. Then I would start the search for a new school. Sounds like you’re probably at a private school and in my experience most private schools are not skilled at/not willing to accommodate our kids. I’m not bashing private schools – my NT son goes to a wonderful one, but I know it would not be a good fit for my son with ADHD/ASD. He is thriving in our public school that has been great about accommodating his needs and understand his need to learn in a slightly different way than his peers. Our first public school experience was not as pleasant to deal with, so I admit not all public schools are a good fit either but they typically have more experience with kids who have special needs and are bound by law to accomodate those needs to provide a quality education where private schools are not. It’s not easy so hang in there, but your son’s education should not be an uphill battle and if a school is fighting their obligation to give him a wailing educational experience then it’s time to look elsewhere.