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One solution which may or may not be suitable.
When i was approximately this age and finishing high school in a new school I still had not learned how to complete homework at home. A necessary skill if one thinks of going to college or university. I could literally stare at the work needed but never do any more than doodle. I hated myself for this huge chara+ter flaw that meant I was not suitable material for the career I imagined.i could complete at school if I had detention but never when i was at home. Evntually it caught up to me on my 16th Birthday and i was expelled from school for not completing assignments in three different classes. My father who hoped that at least one of his children would graduate University had established rules for the 8 of us who made it this far in life. We didnt have to pay board and room if we were in full time attandance in school. This meant i had to get a job quickly and as i had worked summers for the last 2 years it wasnt that difficult. It was in retail and only lasted til christmas. The next job was worse and i left that voluntarily when my previous employer called with an opening in the jewellry receiving Department of a A major department chain.
Thrilled at first i bought a brand new car after a few months but soon realized that my quick decision was leaving me no funds after paying board. I continued to read the want ads and seek better employment but soon realized my qualifications and education left little prospects and they no better than what i already had.
Then I read an advert for HS dropouts from the armed forces They had a program that educated you and put you through the same training as all recruits. With an opportunity to go to Military College after the first 2 years. I was more than willing to enroll but my parents had already lived through a war with one son overseas. My father in fact was a concientious objector. They finally recognized that this would be the only way for me to live up to and pay for my choices and learn the discipline necessary to go on to university.
Although i completed the hs portion or most of it i did not (attend University as a student but did guest lecture there many years later . My military education taught important life lessons. It also served well in a successful career, rising to a VP of a major international Actuarial and consulting firm and later as a successful entrepreneur in Benefits and Pension Consulting. Never did learn to work from home but never left the office til the work was done.
Now if only they had some courses in relationships.