Reply To: Drained mommy


To echo other parents on here, I could have written your post. I have a 7 year old son who never stops talking or moving, he has a mood disorder & ADHD. He has trouble with emotional regulation. He received occupational therapy and cognitive therapy through his school. At home (and at school) he has access to a trampoline, hippity hop ball, roller for his back, deep pressure & sensory diet. Be your child’s champion and cheerleader. As mentioned above, they’re going to get dinged by their teachers and peers. Tell her you love her and if she likes deep pressure, do a big squeezy hug and tell her you love her and will always be there for her. At night we have a solid bedtime routine: he jumps on the mini trampoline while I read bedtime stories, then he listens to a meditation or relaxation story. I also give him a 1mg children’s melatonin to help him relax. I just purchased some essential oil the other day and he likes to put it on his wrist to smell as he’s drifting off. I’m also a special education teacher.I spend my days doling out strategies to help manage energy: resistance bands are good(can be bought by the roll, cut lengths to use as you would when exercising or tie to legs of chair to pull), so are bouncy bands for chair or desk, yoga ball or wobble stool, etc. These can all be found on Amazon.