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I was very thankful when I found this site too! My son sounds just like yours. Mine is almost 13. We set strict limits on both YouTube viewing and video games. He would play/watch 24/7 if we let him. For video games, he gets 30 minutes. He can earn extra time by doing extra work, or reading for 20 minutes (for example). As for YouTube, if it is a time where he would be watching TV anyway, we will let him watch for maybe an hour at the most. Then he has to pull away and DO something. As for earning the game time to begin with, yes! My son hates to shower. So, in order to play, he has to take his shower. He also has chores he has to get done in order to play (dishes put away, pets fed, room tidy, etc). So game time is NEVER free in our house! It is an earned privilege! Hope this helps, even if just a little.

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