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To take away the stress for you and the disappointment for your child – what I do for my child with ADHD’s birthday parties is have guests on the list that are a guaranteed show. This includes cousins and my own friend’s kids. They may not be all the same age, but it gives a good turnout for your child to feel special on their big day! Also, I provide alot of structured or planned-out activities where I know how my child will react. That way there are limited chances for behavior episodes! Also important – I review with my child how they are expected to act around others – respectful, take turns, etc. Then, the most important thing is the fun! If there are fun activities (that don’t involve things your child is not good at – like sitting around socializing…) then the kids will have a good time and associate the experience with your child. My goal is – while the other kids do notice that my child is annoying or behaves weirdly or different; they also do notice their creative side as well and that they know how to have a fun time! Fun is VERY important to kids! I also like to add a little tidbit once things are going successfully about how it is nice that we are all not the same because that would be boring!