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Hi Casper, If you get diagnosed you can harness your knowledge to make the ADHD (or whatever) work for you. Be careful who you tell before you get the diagnosis, and who you tell afterwards, as you will get varying reactions, and your focus has to be on yourself, not on what other people think or say – few really understand it.

I was diagnosed at 65, after I had retired from work. It would have made a huge difference to many aspects of my life if I had had this knowledge earlier, because there are ways of compensating for many of the symptoms but nobody tells you this until you get the diagnosis. But it is now making a huge difference to this part of my life, with the help of meditation, some excercise, a few books and coaching. I took meds for a few years, but gave up for a few reasons and prefer to be without them. Being on the meds made me aware of how ‘normal people’ think, which has been of value since I stopped. I can fly off the handle with certain people, but I became more conscious of this when I found the meds reduced it – and now I am better at stopping myself when I feel the temptation to lash out suddenly. I find my whole life easier, but this was since the diagnosis – and I waited a number of years before seeking it.