Reply To: Drained mommy


I could have wrote your post myself. My oldest DS is 9 and has ADHD and ODD. The struggle is real. I also try to stay calm and loving…but when he and my other three children disrespect property, laugh at punishments, run around yelling and are just plain a lot of energy. I find myself needing to break away and have some quiet. If you’re looking for gymnastics, what about the local towns or cities? My DD is in gymnastics through the local city and it’s only $30 per session which is 6-12 weeks. My DS’s are in Flag Football, baseball, etc. through our local town too. It’s much more reasonable.

Also, the electronics! My nemesis! Even my Dr. gave me the third degree about screen time. I find it difficult to manage. However, I gave my whole family a tablet free week due to behavior during Church, and I think it’s just what we needed! They started to remember how to play real games with each other, and even when they got the tablets back they didn’t want them as much! This weekend we were snowed in, and I went back to the basics – checking Pinterest for activities. I found a few they liked like bath paints, pillow forts, using pillows to play hot lava, etc.

In the end it’s hard being a Mom, and twice as hard being a Mom with a child with extra needs and additional children (I have 4 in all). We need to make time to recharge and be upfront with our families about what we need. My older two love doing jobs to earn money that they can spend, so I try to come up with jobs that make them feel useful and empowered, but I fail a lot too! We need to be ok with that. We are all just Moms doing our best.