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I learned my lesson two years ago. We’ve had problems with invites for small groups, but what happened two years ago about made me snap. Lil’ history… Daddy ADHD, two daughters and son ADHD, poor Mom is the only sane one. I build for fun, and being a Techie, I designed and build a theater for my backyard. My oldest “Pie” (nickname), wanted Outdoor Theater for her Birthday watching Strange Magic. (For the fellow Techies, it’s a 10 by 14 screen… So wide screen movies ROCK, LOL!) We made up large stiff paper movie tickets for her to hand out. She had 19 students in her class, I figured even half showing up would be a great time for the kids, since no movie places close. Built stepped theater seat rows for the lawn chairs, bought soft drinks and snacks and popcorn, and waited for others to arrive……… My neighbors two nieces came and we started the show when it started getting dark. Half way through the movie, one niece wanted to leave, so both left….. My daughter and I talked and laughed our way through the rest of the movie and then watched another……. Alone. I know and understand that it’s a great thing to be close to ones Dad, and love to do things with him, but girls need to hang with girls sometimes that aren’t her sister….. That was one of the few times in my life I damn near went postal… LOL!