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Oh my!! You are living my exact life! I’m about to turn 50 and finally “officially” was diagnosed with ADD
I’ve lived my life with everyone else telling me i had it but just thinking it was my personality. Always a little bothered by people that would say i had it. It wasn’t until these last few months that i haven’t worked that i finally went to the doctor a bit more anxious than what i have been my whole life ( although I’m always anxious)!! She said because i had been in the restaurant business my whole life i was in the perfect environment for my ADD it wasnt until i was not working that i started to get anxiety and floundering!! Once i was put on meds i was a different person~ really the best day of my life! I was upset that i had not tried
anything before-would have been such a better spouse ( my husband seriously wanted to divorce over the fact that i interrupt him when We have conversations!! I just get excited- he thinks I’m being rude and don’t care about his thoughts or feelings!)
I hope you get your diagnosis and get to see the difference it Makes my being on meds! I just wish it would not have taken me 30 plus years to get to this point! Good luck
Try focalin extended release!!
The extended release is the best- doesn’t bother your stomach!!