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Our Western society discriminates against the “other” who is different, celebrates individual economy and is otherwise self centered. A party is a time where individuals ironically come together as a group. What purpose does this serve in such a society. It is a time to show others our success. Our world is a reflection of business, and western parties are nothing more than domestic marketing. It explains many parents selling the event often competing with each other using obscene amounts of money and personal investment.
Then there are those parents who have learned to find value in real relationships. This is often forged by the difficult journey of managing children or themselves who are not neuro-typical and fall outside of this globalised neoliberal social structure. The real question is, do you want to join the superficial mainstream or stay the “other” who values real people. If it is the latter, then one way forward is to join together with like minded people and be a community of change. In other words, do as has been proposed and find groups of people who value relationships. They are likely to be long term friends and party with them. Don’t look to schools and sports clubs that are often sources of competition, a place to ready and reward children in the climb to the top like there parents.