Reply To: lonely College Life


You are so sweet, thank you for your response! 🙂

I have always had a little more trouble connecting with people. I am dyslexic and struggle with remembering names which are embarrassing. I am also kind of a nerd, I love literature (dyslexics can read folks XD) and science. I haven’t found anyone who is interested in anything like that at my school.

I have begun to volunteer with a group that provides after-school care to kids from a rough part of town. I have enjoyed being around the kids (I’m going into a Pediatric Medical Field so its also good practice for me).

We have a club just like that at my school. I have tested it out, but still, feel kind of left out there because everyone goes with their sorority sisters. I haven’t yet given up on it though because I love outdoor activities.

Another problem is that my school places all of the people in my major and related majors in triple rooms and assigns them a “buddy” that they have to go to class with freshman year. I ended up in a different building from them because the building they are placed in is in a somewhat unsafe area that is secluded from the rest of the campus that me and my parents were not comfortable with.

There are not a lot of jobs on my campus. The school will only hire me if I have a federal work study which I cannot get because of how much money my dad makes (soooo dumb). The best they said they could offer me is the 2 am shift in the library which I physically couldn’t do. I have no transportation so that limits my options.

I have tried to work things out with the housing department, but the housing department at my school is horrible and disorganized. I cannot get to live with my friend because the dorm she needs to live in for health reasons does not have room for me. according to the housing department.

I am just kind of torn on what to do. The year is almost over and I feel very disappointed in myself. I have considered transferring to a bigger, less cliquey school, but am hesitant because I feel that I would be in the same situation there as I am in here.

Thanks for your advice and i will focus on trying some of those things. It also helps to hear from someone who was able to get out of a similar situation that I am in. 🙂