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Been there. Done that. Kills us parents. Bums out the kids too. But they don’t usually dwell on it too much unless we do. One year I planned a “party” after my sons baseball away game. Everyone was there (captive audience). I talked with the coaches ahead of time and made sure it was kosher… had pizza (for the team and ALL of their family) and cake and sang happy birthday (did the balloons and some water guns too – it was a HOT day). The team (helped by team mom) chipped in for a gift card as a team…and we really hyped it. “WOW – you can get whatever you want with that”. (within parental reason of course). Best birthday ever for him. Also, really make the family parties special with cousins, neighbors, etc. Can be younger or older kids or adults. As long as there are a bunch of people singing and eating cake – it’s all good!!!