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Aw man. I was going to go all Pollyanna on you, until I read that you’ve really tried to contact everyone/reach out, with no luck. That does sound like time for a back-up plan, like making a special day just for him :/ (Good thing you’re not me–with my impulse issues I’d feel bad enough, I’d take him to the Lego store and let him buy it out XD). I hope at least one or two friends end up coming through in the end, or that you do have it with the softball team–that sounds like a great day in itself! And I really do recommend reaching out and making friends for your son in ADHD/ASD circles–in my experience, the parents understand the struggle, and the kids are happy to make new friends.

We did a smallish-Chuckie Cheese party last year (6th birthday) that was a big success, so I made sure I had a venue this year which could host more kids–the local pool and one of their party rooms for after. I invited his entire class, as well as 6 other kids who had been friends last year or were friends outside of school. Well… we were in the final week, and only had 1 RSVP for 20 slots!! Two of his best friends couldn’t make it due to other plans, and a few others dropped out because they can’t swim (legitimate, even though there was a party after for the non-swimmers), but I was seriously worried. Fortunately, a few days before we started getting more RSVPs, and ended up with 10 kids. They all had a blast. But I think we’re going to pull it back again for next year, since we’re moving past the age where the kids are all willing to show up, no matter what, and are getting a lot more picky about who they consider a friend. A few of the kids we will ALWAYS invite…well, they also have troubles with getting invited, or having people show up.

One of the other boys in my son’s grade though… we were the only ones who RSVP’d and showed up to his birthday party last year. He’s so much like my son that they actually hate each other (they’re ‘arch-enemies’), but they play together fairly well if us parents are there. Unfortunately BECAUSE they’re arch-enemies, my son didn’t want to invite him to his own b-day this year, and I still feel bad about that. The kid has a hard time, with divorced parents and mean older brothers, and his impulses and falling back to violence when stressed get in the way of making friends. Where my son has made some friends outside of school, the other boy seems pretty isolated, in school and out of it :/ Thanks for the reminder to arrange another play-date with him, so that he knows he’s not all alone 🙂

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