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I have never posted on these forums before but I can SO totally relate that I thought I’d let you know that you are definitely not alone. Between my oldest son with ADHD, I’m pretty sure my husband also has ADHD and my 9 year old daughter who is not yet diagnosed but I’d bet money she has it too, my house is a disaster most of the time. The weekends that they are all gone away (usually camping as they’re all in the Scouting program) is 2 days of bliss for me as I will tidy up after myself and enjoy… only to have them return on Sunday and utter chaos once again ensues. It makes me beyond crazy. Thankfully I do have 1 kid who tidies up after himself and my oldest is finally starting to pick up after himself, sometimes, though I don’t even want to get started on all the homework that has been lost or not handed in, permission forms that have gone missing, etc., etc. He is borderline not going to graduate if he doesn’t find everything soon and hand it in to be marked!

I often feel it is them vs. me when it comes to even little tidying and that is so mentally exhausting. I don’t expect perfection by any means and I am definitely not the tidiest person in the world but if you have a snack, put the dirty dish in the dishwasher, don’t just leave it on the table or couch. If you take a wrapper off something, it goes in the garbage, not on the counter beside the garbage. I don’t feel that it is asking too much!!

Anyway, good luck to you all in this constant struggle!