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Part of me is glad that we’re not to only ones dealing with that situation. Invites to party is the worse thing, especially for kids with ADHD. Just before our son was diagnosed, we had invited his class for a birthday party at Chuck E Cheese. Aside from his 2 close friends, cousins, and friends, no one RSVPed. My heart broke but at that young age, I don’t think he noticed or cared. As he got older, he had close friends that we would invite and they would come, but still it’s always hard to get parents to RSVP.

My in-laws thought “well, parents talk and they don’t send their kids to a party because the kid is problematic”. I’m thinking, it’s a kids party! How would they feel if no one attended their child’s party! I always think, have the courtesy to RSVP whether it be a yes or a no. Don’t leave parents hanging.

My son is at a different school now and has friends that he hangs out with so we thought “let’s do a party!” We only do one every other year, so why not. Now, the kids he invited for similar to him and some who were neuro-typical. We actually got RSVPs but only a couple. Some did show up without, but that was fine because I was prepared either way. My son had a blast and that was all that really mattered. We were happy for him and we met the sweetest parents. I think it was more stressful on me because I’m trying to plan the party and have no idea how many to expect, but the party-planner in me planned for everyone either way.

I’ve had this discussion with other parents and we’re just shocked at how many people don’t RSVP. Some times it’s cultural and the kids will verbally tell my son that they are coming, so I try to take that with a grain of salt.

I hope this helps everyone a little bit and to know that you’re not the only one!