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You write: “my Doctor who has me on the maximum dosage allowable/recommended daily, yet I seem to run out 1 week early sometimes 10 days early”

You may say whatever you like, as often as you like, but that statements to me says simply that you are not using the medication as allowed. That translates into “abuse.” I am not judging you here, but though I’m not a “Practitioner” (= PA, ANP or MD) especially these days: All will label you abusive. End of story. Follow directions or cook yourself–and you sound “cooked.”

I have seen it too many times. My best friend 20 years ago in college got a 69 on a mid-term and the minimum for the program was 70 and was booted out. I could have gone to bat for her but did not because I knew that she was mis-using a med. Be it an anxiolytic like Xanax or an methylphenidate, it’s dancing with the devil and I was not about to enable her.

Note again here, I am not judging you and all you say may be valid but it is ILLEGAL to misuse a controlled med.

Also “it the times we are in.” I’m 68 and have severe spinal stenosis. If a nerve root gets traumatized (and it has 3 times) I cannot SIT, not for all the money in the world, as strange as that may sound. But my right leg will not bend and if I force it I’m in an 11 out of a pain scale that ends in 10. Last year, I traveled to Asia, my back had recovered and I was fearful of what would happen if I literally was forced to sit in a seat. I went to my doc who, unfortunately was away, so I saw his replacement.

This is what I said: “I have severe spinal stenosis and rarely have to take Hydrocodone and….” That was it–that was all I said. He piped in: “We don’t use narcotics, yada, yada, yada, yada… I think I pleased the fellow when I sighed and left. His view: “mission accomplished–taught the addict a lessen.” Here’s the real end of the story: “…and rarely have to take Hydrocodone and would you please write me a script for three (3) Hydrocodone 750 and write the word FILLED over it.”

I had some leftover. I would only need three for a 30 hour plane trip. I simply wanted a “current” script in case I ran into an over-zealous international agent. I just took what I had in the old bottle and there they sit to this day. I did NOT WANT any. Stupid Doc did not even bother to listen. Welcome to the world of overdose where the problem is Fentanyl analogs. Another reason to NEVER run short.

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