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I agree with the other response, your words are similar to my experience in many ways. First of all there is hope, second it will take time. My husband is 50 diagnosed ADHD at age 38. He has had about 40 jobs at least!! If he stayed a year I would feel like celebrating. In his defence he has never been fired, he has built a great reputation for being a good worker (electrician). One advantage of ADHD….energy!! I am new to this forum so am unsure of the rules but after my husband tried prescription meds he didn’t like the side effects. I loved it as he was calmer and I finally felt “something else” was handling the symptoms not me! The long story short he is now on a natural product that contains micro-nutrients specially designed to feed the brain what it needs. He takes the tablets daily and I can tell if he hasn’t taken them, restlessness abounds and he can get quite defensive if I ask has he taken them. They do dull down his energy level though. He used to go in and out of depressions but now he doesn’t. If you want more info take a look at the website click on conditions ADHD. It mentions a professor Julia Rucklidge a NZ doctor doing research on the product my husband takes. I remember reading an article in a NZ newspaper about her research and contacted her out of desperation. She gave me information on the product. Anyway hang in there, do research about ADHD so you can determine what behaviours are ADHD related and what are not. My husband had to rid himself of a lot of guilt for how he was before getting onto something that actually worked for his ADHD.

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