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Uncle Dharma

Two issues here, at least for where I live.
1 – The schools do not like a student to repeat a year even if the student has not learned the basics that are needed for the next year. Not sure of their reasons.
Some teachers are upset that they have to teach the curriculum for that year level, even though a few students have no basic skills to build on. That subject for that year then becomes a waste of time for those few students.

2 – Individual teachers can give whacko advice.
One teacher told me that to repeat a year at high school would be the loss of a whole year’s wages. I am not making this up! I repeated to get more subjects at the higher level, then went onto university and did a science degree. Later I moved into computing and also training.
These days, I can earn a very high wage, much above the average.
Due to studying part-time and going to university, I was 29 years old before I earned a whole year’s full-time wage. No regrets here.

2.1 – The careers adviser at my high school told me that I would not make a good teacher and suggested other options. I have been running training courses for adults in the workplace for 30 years, and occasional guest lecturer classes at high school for about 5 years. The school students ask for me to join them on excursions. I really think that my ADD view of the world helped me to develop good class notes and exercises.

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