Reply To: Looking for some hope


Wow. You could basically be telling me my own story except that I have a wife, not a husband, and my income is not enough to support both of us. We’ve been together 8 years, married for 5. During the summer of 2016, we moved half way across the country to be closer to my family because I needed the support. Medication was instantly helpful (she has been on anti-anxiety and mood stabilizing meds for years before adding the adhd medication. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy has also helped. It has been challenging for me to take care of myself. I have a tendency to sacrifice my needs because I can cope better. I’m not sure what to say except that you’re not alone. We got the diagnosis 5 years ago, and we’re still figuring out treatment and the full impact of the disorder. Everyday I have to dig deeper into patience, kindness, and love. Give yourself the support you need. I’ve had to release a lot of poor decisions in the past: including very expensive ones. We are both learning this disorder. It takes time, money, and an incredible amount of patience. Hang in there.