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Please do not rule out that you, your spouse or your child may be suffering from the MTHFR gene mutation. (You didn’t list any of the “symptoms” your spouse has been experiencing.)

Here is my (abbreviated) story. At the end I provide additional resource information, some with links.

First, I state I’m not a doctor, I don’t work for one, and I’m not selling anything. I suffered for literally years. I recently found about this mutation following decades of my own depression that would evolve from depressive episodes that would last days, weeks, then eventually cause me to rage on a regular basis. For years, I had been in and out of therapy as time and money allowed. I wasn’t diagnosed with ADD, ADHD, etc. Doctors didn’t even have that term yet! I had been on so many anti-depressants, beginning at the age of 22, I felt like an anti-depressant poster child (now age 62). Some would work for a while, and then I would need to increase the dosage, or change the drug. Some, the side effects were not tolerable. Over the years, I would go through several doctors and specialists, never determining what was wrong with me.

In 2016 I had reached a turning point, I was severely depressed, I was loosing my teeth and had terrible gum disease issues; I would have regular rages whenever I got upset, and I was starting to have regular suicidal thoughts. I finally went to a naturopathic doctor who determined my issue within a month. Through a simple saliva [or blood] test, it was determined that I have the Methyl-B Mutation (MTHFR gene mutation). There are many different variations of the MTHFR depending on how it has been passed down from the parents. Several symptoms resulting from the mutation mirror other medical and mental issues such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, autism, etc., just to name a few. The mutation lays dormant and can be brought on by some sort of trauma, stress and/or diet.

In layman’s terms, those of us with a MTHFR gene mutation have a highly reduced ability to convert folic acid or even folate into a usable form. Research estimates that as much as half of the population may have an MTHFR gene mutation. I don’t “methylate” (or I can easily over methylate) with B vitamins. I have to be very careful to avoid foods with synthetic folate or folic acid in my diet. (I found that if I eat anything with 20% or more folic acid [per serving] this is when I will experience rages and can go into days of depression). Several symptoms resulting from the mutation mirror other medical and mental issues such as ADD, ADHD, OCD, anxiety, depression, autism, etc. I started doing as much research as I could online and discovered that 30% or more of the population has this mutation (and increasing) and they don’t know it. It can lay dormant and stress as well as diet will cause it to flare up. A great resource I found online is Dr. Ben Lynch who states: “…I believe the MTHFR gene mutation is a highly significant public health problem that is completely ignored. Yet, millions are suffering from pulmonary embolisms, addictions, fibromyalgia, miscarriages, schizophrenia, severe depression, cancer and autism to name a few…:

Doctor Lynch (who also has the MTHFR) was my go to resource when I first started researching this issue, and I have personally chosen to be an advocate for him to get the word out to as many individuals as I can about the MTHFR Mutation.

You owe it to yourself, your spouse or your child to not just accept the norm of being diagnosed with some sort of “DD” and prescribed addictive prescription drugs. Trust me; internally, those who suffer are BEGGING for a better answer. And if it’s not the MTHFR, then at least you know it for a fact, and you also know that you are doing EVERYTHING you can to help you or your loved one.

Additionally, do not rule out possible head trauma. You don’t have to “pass out” with a full concussion to have head trauma. I found out that I also had a total of three head traumas from the time I was 22 (when my depression and anti-depressant use started — head injury due to earthquake), as well as two minor auto accidents with whip-lash. (This is why I still had rages even as I was working on the MTHFR mutation with my doctor.)

Basically, I got the “double whammy”. Just this past November, I completed a 6 week Trans-cranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, which is totally non-invasive. (See links below.) My depression has significantly lifted and I have follow up weekly counseling to deal with the strong negative habits I’ve developed over the years.

I cannot express enough how much better I am feeling and doing! I have my life back. I continue to work with my Naturopathic doctor to keep my mutation in check by balancing my system with natural supplements, NO DRUGS!

I provide this as information only – my PSA!

Good Mental Health!


The best source I found online is, Dr. Ben Lynch at
His website is full of information and resources to include a step by step plan beginning with the DNA test to determine if you have a MTHFR mutation and what type you may have.

He himself has the MTHFR and has been providing training to doctors all over the U.S. He will also have available on his website a search for doctors in your area that have taken his courses. Dr. Lynch has a plethora of information and other resources on his site as well. He is where I began my research and I continue to review his site for updates.

Possible Head Trauma:
Concurring Concussion – Healing TBI Symptoms with Neurofeedback and Without Drugs
This is a wonderful (and easy to comprehend) book that describes “Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The information provided on injuries in history, from Henry VIII to Elvis Presley, I found very, very interesting!

Synopsis: “This lively, well-researched, and hopeful book is an excellent primer for anyone dealing with TBI and its aftermath, from victims to caretakers. It is clearly written and illustrated for the average reader, but contains information that may be new to many healthcare professionals puzzled by odd and unresponsive symptoms and the realization that time alone does not heal the brain. Conquering Concussion by Mary Lee Esty, Ph.D., and C. M. Shifflett presents history, new research, treatments, and 20 years of clinical case histories. These are real stories about real people struggling with post-concussion symptoms: terrible fatigue, headache and body pain, emotional swings, mental fog, insomnia, weight gain and balance problems. It shows how TBI symptoms overlap with other diagnoses such as ADHD and depression, and reveals the link with PTSD. It features neurotherapy, but presents additional therapies that can aid recovery. Topics include: Head injuries in history, from Henry VIII to Elvis Presley. What happens in concussion, the many symptoms that may appear, and problems with standard testing and treatments. The origins, supporting research, and results of neurofeedback. Detailed case histories of children, adults, and soldiers with memory problems, severe head pain, insomnia, ADHD and PTSD. Medical issues which may need attention before symptoms of concussion can heal. The rest of the story: What happened to people in this book who never expected to work or function normally ever again? How they regained their skills, jobs, families and lives?”`

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS)

For Information purposes:

I utilized Neuroasis here in Tucson for my TMS treatments. They provide a free 90-minute consolation with their onsite psychiatrist.