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It’s goid to hear the news were useful to calm his behaviour at school, regardless of what the school thinks, that’s one less stress for him to deal with. The other symptoms actually sound to me like the symptoms of depression. It expresses differently in kids. If that’s what it is, it could be a side effect of his current meds or it could be a separate thing due to the stress of constantly being in trouble at school and struggling with stuff in general. It can be especially hard for kids who are bright and perceptive but have behavioural issues because they know the problem is coming from them but they don’t know how to change it. I highly recommend going back to the doctor and talking it through. It’s great that he’s in play therapy, and just keep up the positive reinforcement at home. Also if he has sensory issues, is he a fussy eater? And does he get enough sun? Low iron, low b vitamins and low vitamin d can all cause depression/anxiety. I have to periodically to give our little girl iron and b vitamin supplements when her mood goes downhill, and she comes right. She doesn’t eat meat meat though. Always talk to doctor as too much iron is harmful too. The other persons post suggesting writing things down is key. Write your questions separately from what you’ve observed in him. Good luck! You are doing great in a very tricky circumstance and he’s lucky to have you on his side.