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Hey @DdylanCato,

I don’t know the age at which a person outgrows ADD o ADHD. I know that it does happen, but really don’t know if there is a given age.

Yes, you are correct. Many college students and even parents are either buying ADD meds illegally to focus study, lose weight or focus on their jobs. This is another valid reason why some people are watched to make sure they swallow their pill.

Your adverse effects, the same ones you saw on the documentary, are real. They deserve to be addressed by a medical professional.

Why the neighbor chooses to not put her child on meds is not something I can’t answer. I don’t know the situation with your neighbor and really can’t answer it.

I know, I say it every time – but it’s required – I’m not a doctor and anything I wrote should be taken as coming from a layman not a medical professional.