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Also how come every parent that does not disipline there kids thanks there i somthing wrong. I have a friend down the road who has a 7 year old sister aand her mom does not do anything about it when she screams no or WRECKS THE GOLF CART or DOSN’T FINISH CHORES JUST IN SPITE she knows that i have it i have a been evaluated by a phycyatrist and not by a family care doctor she assumes that i “cant sit stiil” that meds means she doesn’t have to DISIPLINE A CHILD WHEN SHE DOES SOMETHING SHE KNOWS IS WRONG and she doesn’t struggle at school she has honor roll she doesn’t get in trouble(exept around her mom) but how could you expect a 7 year old girl to behave when you dont spank her take away her stuff or even verbily repreamand her.