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Thanks Penny,

Yeah, I’ve been speculating for years. I guess that speculation has grown into a nagging doubt that perhaps I’m just imagining it, or that maybe everyone feels this way at times and so on. I’ve mentioned how I feel to some people (usually after more than a few drinks) but I’ve ceased raising it because the standard responses I got were:

a) “No, you’re not… you’re just shy/introverted/into your hobbies.” etc…
b) “No, definitely not, I know someone who’s like that, and you’re nothing like them.”

I can associate with many of the points in the article you shared – there seem to be traits of both ASD and ADHD that I can see in myself daily. I can handle ambiguity and change just fine (I likely got used to it as I’m so disorganised) but I struggle like hell to relax and do nothing – which seems to really irk people who tell me take it easy for a while. I don’t think anyone had concerns about me as a kid, except for my shyness, but one of my school reports seemed to sum me up perfectly – ‘His work is always very detailed and wonderfully presented, but often not at all what I had asked him to do.’

I think I’d better look into a proper diagnosis – otherwise I’ll spend the rest of my life wondering!!