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I have a seven year old (tomorrow) whom has been diagnosed with ADHD in the past month. We have ALWAYS had issues getting ready in the mornings or in general dealing with distractions. Some days are better than others, especially as he has gotten older. I can’t tell you how many times I have had to prod to get him to get dressed, get his shoes on so we can get out the door. What I can tell you is it HAS gotten better as he has gotten older. We still deal with “Ignoring” or “Not Hearing” when Mom or Dad will ask him to get his school clothes on, get his on, etc… We have found recently (upon a suggestion from our Pediatrician) that using an positive reinforcement method has been helping. Every time my son does something when asked (the first time) or anything positive we praise him and give him a mark on his hand. We count and record the marks at night and at the end of the week he can earn a treat (TV time, Computer time, Toy, Special Trip, etc…) It has been helping and has cut down on the yelling and frustrations on both sides. Granted we just started trying this method (and also just started a medication) – but I figure anything little thing that helps is a positive. Good luck!