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As far as focusing on the right things (work at work, chores at home, conversations with my children, etc) I have a hard time. My brain is in control. It has the remote and keeps changing the channel of my focus. I know what I HAVE to do SHOULD do MUST do. But my brain doesn’t care. It is like having a devil on each shoulder. No angel at all. They both say: wash the dishes? Nah, that can be done later! Pay a bill? nope! fold laundry? why bother? no one is coming over anyway! This is me on medication – still not focused enough to keep my sh*t together. Especially at home where no one is there to get mad at me or shame me into work. I had two days off from work…spent both in bed – mostly asleep – some Netflix binging. avoiding the world. Where I live it’s still bitter cold and snow is still falling. Summer helps so much but only 3-4 months of that blissful warmth per year just isn’t enough. Sometimes even my hobbies doesn’t give me enough happiness. Just thoughts thoughts thoughts.