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Hi Michael I’m 44 and was diagnosed 2 months ago and in my final (academic) year of my law degree. My entire life I’ve done just enough to pass. I’ve tied to study harder to get better marks but it never seems to work so I just decided there was no point. As long as I pass I’m ok with it. My wife on the other hand is an absessive overachiever lol

There is some VERY good advice given above.

I do find that there are days, like today, when I just cant get anything done. The meds dont help, the apps and “concentration music” just irritate me and my brain just doesn’t want to use any of the support mechanisms I’ve put in place. It’s 3pm (in South Africa) and I’ve decided to stop fighting it and just let my brain go where it wants. I’ll take work home and hopefully get something done tonight.

Anyway, I dont know if it’s just me or if other people have days like that too but I’ve learned not to beat myself up about it.

Of course the woman sitting in the cubicle next to me singing very depressing gospel is not helping. lol

Best of luck 🙂 Search this site, it has some brilliant articles and stuff on study tips.

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