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I like yours, too. It explains a lot about our expectations for medication to work, and why we often end up frustrated and/or disappointed. We think it’s going to take care of everything, and we’re automatically going to accomplish all the things that challenge us without putting any more effort into it than taking some medication.

What I notice about my non-ADHD husband is the consistency of his mood. Of course, he gets irritated, and there are days when he feels like life could be better. But, he seems to start the majority of his days waking up easily and feeling optimistic (or at least accepting in a positive way). I, on the other hand, vary from day to day.

It’s very difficult for me to NOT become absorbed in something! Having a list helps me, but I often feel like I’m hurrying to get through the things I have to do so I can get to the thing that takes over my power of concentration. In fact, there are times when I feel like my mind is scanning my options until it hooks onto something, and meanwhile I’m a bit anxious about how I’m going to proceed with my day.

I have plenty of responsibility, but I no longer work outside of the home, which is wonderful in many ways. But also means I have to be in charge of my own time. That is sooo challenging.