Reply To: Do I Have ADHD?


Wow. Totally and completely relatable. My Google Drive is a graveyard full of incomplete projects. I spend all of my time in literally thirty different fantasy worlds and miss pretty much everything the teacher says (unless it isn’t important. Why would my brain allow me to miss something that was totally useless?). By the way, I’m writing this during class.
Anyway, I’m almost always late to school because I got distracted by something or other while getting ready, be it my phone or one of my thirty fantasies. I put things down and remember where they are, but forget as soon as I need said thing. After that, I can’t find it for the next week. Or month. I’m telling you, this is really relatable. I would say yes, you definitely have ADD or ADHD. Or something of that sort of sort. Welcome to the club, friend. I, too, have depression and anxiety. So welcome to those clubs, too.