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Like your husband possibly, I am a combined ADHDer with LFT who many years ago yelled at my children much too often over small things. I also yelled at almost every annoyance or frustration. I did not hit them but my voice was so loud it had the same effect. One day my wife told me that this was so destructive my youngest daughter about 8 at the time was beginning to stutter. It was not just the yelling at her but at any frustrating activity I undertook. Such as the pool cleaning or …..
I was totally shocked and vowed never to use that volume of voice again.
When it came time to clean the pool my kids would disappear understandibly as the knee pain from bending down and starting inevitably reminded me of some tool i had forgotten This required me to stand up again and fetch it a constant reminder to me that my loud voice was the reason none of the kids were nearby to fetch it.
I quit most of the yelling and her stutter quickly disappeared.