Reply To: Drained mommy

Penny Williams

You are doing the best you can, with the knowledge and resources you have at this moment. It’s hard to not to want to “fix it” for our kids. To change their struggles but to also give them all the opportunities they want. You have to come to a point of acceptance, true acceptance, and then you can start working on crafting a life that works for her, using coping strategies and her strengths to create opportunities for joy and success.

All of this will teach your daughter persistence, determination, and resilience — which are key.

As for her never-ending energy, if you have insurance that will cover Occupational Therapy, I would highly recommend it. They taught us why our son is hyper and crashing into things all the time, and taught us activities to work with it. Plus, it was a place he could run, jump, speed around, and crash safely and with other kids who were like him.

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