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Hey @DdylanCATO ,

I wanted you to know someone heard you. Your concerns are valid. I’m not a medical professional and can’t really directly comment on your statements. Anything I say is as a layman not a doctor.

If you can’t talk to your parents, doctor or a school counselor, perhaps a spiritual adviser could help? From my experience, you are correct in that all kids can “zone out” or “daydream”. ADD or ADHD is a medical diagnosis. Yes, it is sometimes diagnosed too quickly and once the label is put on a person it can be difficult to remove.

Are your meds helping your get better grades, get along in class and create less trouble in your life? If so, are the adverse effects worth putting up with to get the good effects of the meds? It can be difficult for teenagers to be heard by parents and doctors – especially after getting the diagnosis of ADD and being put on meds. In many ways resistance to the meds is expected and therefore dismissed by adults. Pressure is put on parents by the school when a teenager goes off meds and this sets up a cycle of pressure on everyone.

You use the term “FORCED TO TAKE” (and the all caps were yours). Without knowing more details, I’d assume you were having adverse effects from your meds. If so, I’d recommend writing down any med related problems you’re having. Different meds, higher or lower doses, varying the times can all help to minimize adverse effects.

As you get older your ability to resist meds will increase and the ability of your parents to “FORCE” you will wane.

So, I’d recommend the written list of problems to see if a med change is in order. Otherwise things will only get worse as your resentment grows and your parent and teacher’s frustration worsens. Doctor’s prescribe these meds because science based medicine shows they work and that the benefit out weighs any problems. But, then again, you’re the one that has to take the meds, not your parents or doctor. They can’t treat you correctly if they don’t have accurate information as to what’s going on. If you just say you don’t want to take the meds or are being forced, they most likely won’t listen – they need valid reasons.

Hopefully, you can get an answer from one of the doctors that participate here. Even if you don’t get another answer, remember, you have to be open about how your are doing on the meds.