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Hey @ADD doc,

Thanks for the reply. Yes, 100%, no driving off meds. We haven’t gotten that far yet, but he knows that will be a rule. Oddly, our insurance won’t go up until he gets his operator’s licence. When he gets his learners permit the insurance doesn’t go up. Although I don’t understand why, it’s fine with me. For now he’s studying the handbook and needs to pass the written test.

I really think getting a driver’s licence has been a learning experience for him in more that one way. Obviously, he’s learning the rules of the road and the driving laws. But, he’s also seeing that his meds help him in “real life” not just in learning the conjugation of a verb or which side won the War of the Roses. Suddenly, it’s something he wants to do.

Yes, he’s tried other meds, switched times, gone on and off the both the instant and time released versions, changed doses both up and down. He’s tried everything except the non-stimulant meds. But his current meds are working.

I honestly don’t know if his complaint was something he was experiencing or something he’d read about on the Internet that he might experience. I do know that once it was out in the open, we were able to resolve his worries and give him a bit more control. Maybe that’s what it takes?

I should have mentioned this above, but it was already way too long. He takes a low dose of benadryl (generic version) at bedtime if he hasn’t been sleeping well. I did find some mention that benadryl and dramamine can have some sexual side effects. Is it the ADD meds or the benadryl that’s causing the problems? I don’t know, but if we have to we’ll cross that bridge at the proper time.

What I’ve learned is that hiding possible side effects or downplaying his concerns wouldn’t work for us. I don’t want to have a huge fight or be a strict disciplinarian regarding compliance with meds. I might win a battle here or there, but I’m certain I’d lose the war (bad analogy I know). Believe me, we still have our share of the normal family drama and sometimes that involves meds, but I don’t want to escalate the issue when it comes up.

I’m normally a lurker on these forums. This issue blindsided me and I wanted to share it. I’ve been prepared for so many issues by reading other parent’s posts and had never run across this. Hopefully, it will help someone in the future.