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This works for me. For instance, I would stand at one end of my apartment with my back against the wall, arms stretched out and turned so my palms were flat to the wall.

“Okay, this wall is the clean line. Everything behind it is clean.” The I would start cleaning off tables, the couch, whatever was closest to the wall, moving things as needed, like a glass left by a chair that belonged in the dishwasher. When I’d cleaned enough space I’d declare a new temporary clean line, get the vacuum, move furniture as required, and vacuum up to the clean line. Then I would declare a new permanent clean line.

Repeat as many times as necessary, moving the clean line until it reached the far wall of the apartment. It’s called the clean line because it has one purpose: everything behind the line is clean. There is one rule: NOTHING EVER MOVES, EVEN TEMPORARILY, BACK ACROSS THE CLEAN LINE. You can apply this to a small apartment or to a house, one room at the time.

I found that, for me, bluegrass music and Sousa marches were best at keeping me moving. That, and before I started I would call several friends and invite them over for dinner that evening.

Good luck.