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You make some interesting observations, and I think I’m finally at a point where these things are working for me! I’ve discovered I enjoy painting, and I have a friend who is learning, too. Along with that, I have a friend who teaches, and I belong to a group of local artists who meet to show what they’re working on. But everyone has different interests and styles, so I don’t feel the pressure I might otherwise.

It’s the type of thing that allows me to do research, and I’m always looking for ideas and new ways to paint. Working with color is fun! I’m just reaching a point where I’m getting pretty good at figuring out what to mix, plus I’ve found a series of videos that only last about 5-10 minutes each. That’s perfect because it’s hard for me to sit through anything longer than that. There’s lot of variety, too, and this is pretty much what I do during the winter months. I’m also painting with acrylics, and I don’t have to spend a ton of money to learn.

In the summer, I ride my horse. I went though a period where I felt bad because a friend was always working with her horse, doing the same things over and over, and she was never bored. But that’s not me; I need variety. Fortunately, another friend encouraged me to try dressage. It’s challenging and difficult to learn, but I’m lucky to have a young woman trainer who is reasonably priced and does a wonderful job helping my horse and me. I like the arena work a lot, but I can’t do it all the time. Then I go trail riding, and I can’t begin to explain how relaxing this is for me. Still, that would get boring because there’s a limit to where I can ride, and hauling any distance means time and money.

And the last thing I keep going back to is photography. It fits in with both of my other hobbies.

I was reading through the posts here, and one of the things I see is a lot of people take on hobbies that don’t sustain their interest because they are limited. Some of them are things that can be accomplished fairly easily, and then what? Or they just don’t have enough variety or they are things that might be limited because of cost and/or opportunity.