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Thank you! This was the soft nudge in my …backside..;)).plus the encouragement I needed today. With me, right now, severe clinical depression is JUST now beginning to lift, I’m seeing our beautiful home’s mighty, hot sun today for the first time in … dear God of Heaven, I can’t even REMEMBER when was the last time I saw our wild star! Terryfying….

Anyway…with quite some “issues”, inhereting rather ” Bulky family luggage” to supposedly (so was the family’s wish +plan!) carry around with me,and finally DIE,accepting my forefather’s debts, evil deeds,tradition and such.

Now, although I am a well known friend + proponent of the honest word, clarity and true direction, it did truthfully, take me a longer while to be able to sort of digest the kind of caring, loving clear and uncompromisory honesty, as I just stumbled into reading this thread top to bottom seemingly “by coincidence”! 😉

Thank God NOW I CAN face such adressess and not only that: I’m left profoundly moved and substantially encouraged to go ahead, to keep fighting even when at times I feel I must relent and the enemy of my precious soul I believe to be already crouching in the shadows surrounding me!

Thank you especially @ you, Patrick for not keeping quiet, even at the very real risk of a ginormous shit storm and going ahead explaining in greater detail your intention as well as the content of the important text.

Again- Thank you very much! (sais my own heart & soul!)