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Uhm, yeah…nope!
ADHD IS definately a deficiency – the term “defect” really does ring pretty extreme, doesn’t it? But it IS a defecit as well as both a neurobiological and a clinically “detectable” disorder which can be discovered,evaluated and statistically upheld.
Like most other disorders of both mind and body it can be found in varying degrees or levels of severity or intensity according to both culmination and quality of the afforementioned symptoms!

The mere fact that, right now (in time or history that is!) it’s more or less common practice to positively diagnose even those who, “normally”, that is by virtue of all currently valid diagnostic systems, should not be receiving such a label,doesn’t change the objective,objectivelly TRUE FACTS! Unless, off course, WE let it happen! As of now, ” we” as a group of ADHD’ERS with – attenzione!!;))- clinically relevant symptoms defined by their hindering the person, inhibiting or perhaps even PREVENTING the individual suffering thereof from taking an active, individially (subjectively!;))fullfilling part, or role in their own society!

This is in actuality the “level” from which on up there would be a diagnosis given out of either MCD, or HKS/AD(H)S or ADS+H. It’s very easy to find the individual blank sheet with the information important to me, or, right now I guess it would be “us”. Anyone interested can just guugëll MCD/HKS! The symptoms are still fundamentally the same, it’s merely the intensity and/or the QUALITY which differs.