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Well honestly, I think it may just be that everyone here has has to face this kind of Situation one way or an other!

It’s the SPECIFICS which make this type of little background “story” worthwhile!

Up until about 3 to four years ago I,too,could be heard relating stories or rather, experiences, (my personal, completely emotional and thus certainly judgemental) OPINIONS to whomever would stand still close to me long enough for me to talk to them!;)

Entrance Ritalin (Adult).
That changed almost everything for me.
Now, I know, this might be hard to believe but I would ASK you to,for the time bring,take my word for it. Please. Thank you very much!

Since then I’ve come to realize that I am not and most certainly never was THE most talented driver north of the equator :D. Sometimes, I was saved only by my fellowmen who prevented catastrophy. One that I would surely have wrought upon all of us then on the road!

My lack of impulse controll endangered more then one other driver and even my own family wasn’t save from me when it came to driving and extremely high speed!

So, I WAS special, indeed. But definately not in the way I’d always thought of myself!!

The remainder of the unbelievable arrogance I cultivated during those times between puberty and young adulthood actually only just “left me” as soon as I turned 31. Luckily, it’s NEVER returned to this very day!

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