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Dear Wendypagewilliams,
OH MY GOSH! I DO THE SAME THING! I totally obsess about people’s personalities or dysfunctions! I want to HUG YOU! I’m not the only one!!! My son has Selective Mutism and when he was diagnosed at age 5 I was devastated and spent nearly a year researching anything I could get my hands on. At the time the internet had little information. He is a chatterbox now (age 13!). Once I figure our “her husband has narcissist personality disorder” or “his son is suffering from social anxiety” I want to tell them!!! Help your family! But I can’t. It’s painful to see children suffer. I wish someone had helped us. But we all have to get through this life on our own. Good think I’m not a Therapist! I’d be obsessed with my patients. The good thing is that I research how to help myself and my son’s (anxiety and AdD) and I’ve learned so much about my childhood – why school was SO difficult. And my boys’ dad is so supportive of all of us. Thank goodness. My boys’ lives are so much better thanks to supportive and kind teachers, family and friends. They will always have to work harder but now we know why and how.