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Thank you, Anne. I do appreciate your input and it actually does help a lot. I feel that college really wasn’t the best place for me as well. It’s just all I knew to do and my mom said no matter what just get a degree. I disagree with that now that I’m older because it’s not for everyone. I was kinda pushed to just pick something. School was so so hard for me. I remember friends in class would go out all the time and study for a couple hours and I would spend 7 hours for most every test and stay up all night doing projects. I don’t know why I didn’t quit. I had to take the test several times with accommodations and did eventually pass. It was so hard. It was all I knew I could do to eventually take care of myself. Now I know there are many trades ect I think I would have been happier doing. I would likely be doing hair or something similar where I can be with people and be creative. But even to this day I wonder since I do change so much. I know now it’s a disservice to me and to the people you are helping if you don’t like what you do. So that advice I’ve learned from and will give different advice to my kids. However, having a degree can open doors and I totally get that.
I have so many ideas of things I want to do.. hobbies and to make money. I just have to make sure I dont waste a ton of money before I loose interest or get frustrated. 🙂
We need to start a support group on Facebook. Not sure how I can send out to everyone. Just a thought. Nice to have support 🙂